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Brick usedMolenlandse RV

Location – Ghent
Architect – DENC! STUDIO, Bart Cobbaert
Photos – ©Luc Roymans Photography

In Ghent's Brugse Poort, three neglected corner buildings underwent a transformative change, becoming 'The Lodge'—a residential project with social significance, where individuals with autism spectrum disorder reside alongside able-bodied individuals. The project preserves the architectural heritage of the buildings dating back to 1928, respecting their high angles and facades.

The choice of Terca Recup Molenlandse Rijnvorm facing brick was deliberate. It pays homage to the original appearance of the corner buildings, ensuring an almost identical use of color and materialization. The facing brick blend consists of orange, red, and brown stones, intermingled with stones featuring a white veil and touches of black. Various masonry connections, including vertical, herringbone, and wild bandages, echo historic styles, while contemporary elements like the distinctive window casements provide a balanced fusion of past and present. The result is a harmonious restoration that seamlessly integrates the historic charm of the buildings with modern design elements, creating a space with both aesthetic and social value.

Reference - Wienerberger

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