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Brick Used - Thorn Marziale

Architect - Russell Jones Architects, UK

Location - London

In London's Highgate area, architects undertook the transformation of a former mews house into a new residential property. Nestled in a quiet cobbled mews behind a listed building, this two-storey project faced the challenge of maximizing a small 90-square-metre site while maintaining harmony with the surrounding architectural tapestry.

The designers opted for a compact two-storey house spanning 70 square metres, aiming to avoid spatial disruptions and focus solely on the essentials. The choice of building material, Marziale, for both external and internal structural walls, reflects a thoughtful consideration of the original context and the evolving character of the mews into a contemporary residential enclave.

To enhance the quality of the brickwork, a meticulously chosen mortar—comprising white cement, lime, and washed river sand—was employed. A subtle surface treatment technique known as bagging further refines the appearance, creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing integration of this new residential gem into the charming Highgate neighborhood.

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