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Bricks UsedLinaqua Vino and Linaqua Viola

Linaqua Vino  Project Architect – Hehnpol architektur bda

Linaqua Viola Project Architect – Blanco architecten bvba, Hoeilaart

An artisan brick from a 100-year-old kiln

The Terca brick offers an intense color palette achieved through a time-honored firing process. The distinctive look of the Linaqua facing brick results from a carefully crafted production method, where water plays a crucial role. This unique process allows the pure colors of the clay to emerge more vividly.

These bricks are meticulously fired in a traditional ring kiln, boasting over a century of history. During the baking process, the inclusion of water contributes to the creation of a vibrant and robust range of intense colors. The remarkable color diversity positions this facing brick as an ideal choice for builders and architects seeking a bold architectural statement or aiming to restore and renovate structures with character and distinction.

Reference – Wienerberger

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