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Brick Used - Terca White Glazed Facing Brick

Project - Savoy Hotel, London

The iconic Grade II listed Savoy Hotel underwent an extensive multi-million-pound restoration with the clear objective of reclaiming its status as one of the premier luxury hotels globally.

The external restoration of this historical landmark presented a complex challenge, requiring any new additions to seamlessly integrate with the original structure. The careful selection of bricks played a pivotal role in achieving this harmony. Wienerberger's Terca White Glazed facing brick, meticulously chosen to match the size, color, and glazed finish of the existing building, was approved by the Westminster City Planning Department.

This thoughtful restoration has not only rejuvenated the Savoy Hotel, bringing it up to the standards expected of a 21st-century luxury establishment but also ensured its resilience for future generations. The use of Terca White Glazed facing brick stands as a testament to the meticulous attention to detail in preserving the historical grandeur of this architectural gem.

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