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Brick used – Egernsund Yellow

Fynsk Gul, a timeless yellow brick from Petersminde, exudes a warm and inviting color with subtle nuances. Building with Fynsk Gul using a light grout creates a simple yet welcoming aesthetic. Notably, Petersminde Fynsk Gul is part of an environmentally friendly brick range, utilizing biogas in the burning process and relying on green electricity.

This classic brick is available in two variations: the traditional soft mud brick and the environmentally conscious LESS version featuring three holes in the middle. The LESS option significantly reduces CO2 emissions during production, achieving a 60-80% decrease through a 10% reduction in raw material consumption and the utilization of biogas. This highlights Petersminde's commitment to sustainability without compromising on the enduring appeal of Fynsk Gul.

Reference - Wienerberger

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