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Brick used – Egernsund - Poppy

Location – Malmö, Seweden

Architect – Arkitektgruppen I Malmö AB

In the heart of Malmö, Arkitektgruppen I Malmö AB has accomplished a remarkable feat with the creation of the Hästhagens Sporthall, an exceptional sports center. This project posed a dual challenge: integrating a multifunctional building into the city's most central location and creatively embedding it into the surroundings. Today, the sporthall stands as a social hub for the city's residents, seamlessly blending with the neighborhood, thanks to its natural-looking façade crafted from water-struck bricks. The careful use of these bricks not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the sports center but also ensures its harmonious integration into the urban fabric of Malmö.

Reference - Wienerberger

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