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Brick Used - Thorn Con Mosso

Location - Eddington, Cambridge

Architect - McInnes Usher McKnight Architects (MUMA)

The Eddington community now benefits from an architecturally impressive, versatile and practical space that can host weddings, memorial services, music concerts, art exhibitions, film screenings, parties, meetings, exercise classes and more. The local children also enjoy a private and secure nursery space where they can play and explore. Presenting the award winning Storeys Field Community Centre and Nursery using the elegant and beautiful facing brick Con Mosso.

The nursery is arranged around three sides of a landscaped courtyard, with the community centre on the fourth side. Using facing bricks as a building material gave the architects the freedom to create individual façades by playing with laying patterns, detailing and eye-catching features such as porthole and geometric shaped windows. The manipulation of the same brick product throughout the whole build brings a sense of cohesion to the project. 

Reference -  Wienerberger 

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