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Brick Used - Thorn Con Mosso

Location - Liverpool

Architect - Austin-Smith: Lord

For centuries past, monasteries have been built of brick and the Carmelite Monastery is no different in this respect. However, the bricks provided by Wienerberger allowed the building to deliver from both a traditional and a modern architectural aesthetic through the cumulative effect of its textured brickwork. 

Why Terca Thorn Con Mosso?
In order to deliver the effect intended by the architects, Austin-Smith: Lord, the project required the brickwork to be delicately matched to the designs. Wienerberger’s Con Mosso brick was chosen for its soft and textured appearance, which makes it equally suitable for internal as well as external use. As such, the brick was used internally most notably within the chapel and the cloister. On the façade, the appearance subtly changes according to the time of day and weather conditions; the changing shape of the shadows deliberately exudes a sense of calmness and tranquillity.

Reference Wienerberger 

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