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Brick Used - Thorn Con Mosso

Location - Liverpool

Architect - Austin-Smith: Lord

The Carmelite Monastery, in keeping with the tradition of brick construction seen in many historic monasteries, stands out due to its use of Wienerberger's bricks. These bricks seamlessly marry traditional and modern architectural aesthetics, resulting in a distinctive appearance characterized by textured brickwork.

The strategic choice of Terca Thorn Con Mosso played a pivotal role in bringing the architects' vision, led by Austin-Smith: Lord, to life. This brick, selected for its soft and textured appearance, contributes equally to both internal and external spaces. Internally, Con Mosso bricks adorn significant areas like the chapel and cloister. On the exterior facade, the appearance subtly changes with the time of day and weather conditions, creating a dynamic interplay of shadows that intentionally imparts a sense of calmness and tranquility. The deliberate selection of Terca Thorn Con Mosso adds a unique character to the Carmelite Monastery, achieving a seamless fusion of tradition and contemporary design.

Reference Wienerberger 

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