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Brick Used - Beerse Agora Agate Grey (Agaatgrijis)

Location - Antwerp

Architect - ORT Architects, Wouter Vanderper

Skillfully applied engobes on a white or grey base brick elevate each facing brick into a gem, revealing nuanced colors and unfathomable depths. The light shades from the Wasserstrich Special series serve as the perfect complement for architects seeking to infuse their contemporary haute couture architecture with an extra bright character.

The choice of Terca Beerse Agora Agate Grey facing bricks was deliberate. These light and warm bricks create a striking contrast with the black aluminum joinery. Installed using game and claustra bond techniques, the result is a nuanced and timeless facade. The careful selection of Terca Beerse Agora Agate Grey adds depth and character to the architectural design, achieving a balanced and visually appealing composition that stands the test of time.

Reference - Wienerberger

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