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Product Used - Corium Brick Cladding

Location - Wandsworth

Architect - Boon Brown

Corium brick cladding system, manufactured by Wienerberger, for the South Thames College project was chosen primarily for its safety credentials, offering an A1 fire rating and full BBA accreditation.

To create the project’s distinctive look, two different brick tile shades were selected – predominantly grey but with red brick elements. Over 13,000 Corium brick tiles were carefully developed to match the colours that had been agreed with local planners, before being mechanically fixed into stainless steel rails on site. 

Because Wienerberger can offer a wide range of standard colours, as well as custom-mixed, bespoke blends, Corium brick tiles were ideal for meeting the aesthetic parameters laid out by planners and the client, while also offering outstanding safety performance.

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