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Product Used - Corium Brick Tile Cladding

Location - Cambridge UK

Architect  - Marks Barfield Architects

The architects chose Corium brick tile cladding as a facade system, provided by Taylor Maxwell and manufactured by Wienerberger, to help realise their vision for a modern eco-mosque. They used light buff coloured brick tiles to reflect local aesthetic of Cambridgeshire gault bricks, creating the all-important connection between the new project and its surroundings.

The Corium brick tile system also allowed the architects to use bespoke protruding headers to design geometric Islamic patterns, including Arabic inscriptions in Kufic calligraphy. Red Corium brick tiles were used to inscribe the words ‘One God’. The Corium system continues from the exterior of the building throughout the prayer hall, giving the space a consistent finish.

One of the building’s most striking features are the tree-like engineered timber columns, made from sustainably sourced cross-laminated timber and glulam, creating the ‘Garden of Paradise’ envisaged by the architects. The natural wood complements the colour palette of the Cambridgeshire buff Corium brick tiles.

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