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Product Used - Barro Ellipse & Tampalite - (Light grey, Iron Grey, Cream, Silver Grey, Platinum Grey)
Location - Middle East
Architect - ADP Ingenuerue (ADPI)
Reference - Wienerberger

What kind of facade is suitable for a building on an island that is exposed to the sun 365 days a year and temperatures far above 40 degrees Celsius, as well as the hot, humid wind? The architects found a technically feasible solution for the building's exterior design by using the use of the Argeton facade system from Argeton. Clay building materials are resistant to the impact of very high temperatures and other weathering influences. They are also impact and break-resistant and maintenance-free.

More than 12,000 square meters of facade elements were used in order to withstand the wind load in Bahrain and the resulting stress on the structure.

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