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Faced with an architectural company that wants to ensure that its portfolio becomes more circular, Wienerbergers ClickBrick Pure systems mortar free laying dry construction, turned out to be preferable compared with outher products from both a technical and aestetic point of view, and assured the use of this system in Colruyt Groups new supermarket in Zoersel, Belgium 

The Colruyt Group's sustainable philosophy lead them to ClickBrick Pure in the hope  to be able to reuse the facing bricks as much as possible in the building itself when adapting or renovating the supermarket.

Meticulous start-up of the dry-laying system is pivatol in the success of the overall facade - this needs time and procesion to avoid unsightly flaws as the faceade goes up. 

Wienerberger provides information anout the expansion joinets as well as the conerstones and lintels in the implementation plan to make the construction process easier.  

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