The element for new creativity.

Earth, Water, Air, Fire. Clay is one of the oldest building materials in the world. And with Argeton, also one of the most modern. Using digital technology, Argeton infuses the four elements that shape clay with a fifth. It is the key to new creativity in façade design.

The new Inspirio designs open up completely new possibilities for the architect to turn creative ideas into reality. Argeton joins the natural properties of clay building materials with all of today‘s innovative and sustainable aesthetics. Durable, energy-saving, fully recyclable and perfectly equipped to withstand the times, Argeton solutions are now available in nearly every imaginable surface, colour and shape.

Give your façade a unique expression. As if it is a unique piece of a perfect world.



Digital Engobing

Nowadays everyone is familiar with digital printing. Digital Engobing has a lot in common with digital printing – and yet the two are different.

Engobes are high-quality surfaces that are applied to clay panels before the firing process. Likewise, with digital printing, the process starts with a digital image. The digital engobing unit then applies the design on top of an engobed clay panel. In the firing process, the applied image fuses with the engobe and the panel to form an inseparable unit.

The “ink” consists of purely mineral inorganic pigments. By mixing the pigments correctly, the desired effect can be achieved precisely – just like a high-performance printer. Colours come out brilliantly and picture-perfect.

There is a special advantage of applying mineral pigments and firing all components together: Unlike organic coatings the surfaces cannot wash out or fade over time. This gives digitally engobed Argeton facades a particularly high quality and added value. Due to their durability and environmental friendliness the clay façade-panels are also particularly sustainable.

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