Iluzo Brick- a traditional masonry, the exterior of the mortarless look

With Iluzo, a facade with a thin joint becomes easy, affordable and stylish. The use of mortar and façade bricks with thin joint gaps is gaining more and more popularity. Thanks to thin joints, facing bricks are closer together and the facade looks massive and homogeneous. With the Iluzo facing bricks, you can achieve the mortarless look effect with the traditional way of bricklaying with mortar.

Iluzo Brick

Thin joint bricklaying is easier with Iluzo

Mortar and thin-laying facing bricks have become a real trend. But these trendy processing methods are often not yet fully established among professionals. That is why, with our established Terca brand, we have developed a concept that combines the aesthetic benefits of glued masonry with the convenience of bricklaying in the familiar classic way.

Save time and costs

The absence of visible joints creates a close-fitting effect, which emphasizes the massive and homogeneous character of the facade. In addition, there is no need to add more. This saves time and costs. Your facade also ages in a more even way, as there is no gap to discolour.

No special cornerstones are required, allowing the mason to work faster. He does not have to search for corner stones and he has no loss of unusable facing stones. This is because half of the Iluzo facing bricks have an edge on the left end and the other half on the right end. Saved time and money again. The mason can work with traditional tools and there are no additional difficulties. Still the effect of glued masonry as a result!

Kortemark Pagus Iluzo Grijs-Zwart Brick

Kortemark Pagus Iluzo Grey Black Brick (Hamilton, NZ)

Why is this such an ingenious concept?

We hollow out the laying surface of the brick. As a result, the normal mortar layer of 12 millimetres remains possible. But at the front, the facing bricks remain only about 4 millimetres apart, giving you the look of glued masonry. Finally, there are 2 support feet that give excess mortar a way out and give the brick more support and the necessary strength.

Iluzo comes in the ‘moef format’

The format of the Iluzo facing brick is what we call the “sleeve format” (238x90x48 mm). This one is longer and flatter than average. More efficient to lay in and it gives your facade an extra modern look.



For more information, you can download the Iluzo Brick Brochure Here.

Reference: Wienerberger

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