Porotherm Harakeke Drive Project - September 2020

Typically, Porotherm Clay Block Construction uses concrete midfloor structures which is not unusual in NZ solid masonry construction but less common as a roof diaphragm structure. This design element provides superior engineering with greatly enhanced thermal mass and acoustic value, as shown above at Harakeke Drive in Taupo. Your home is stronger, warmer, cooler in season and much quieter.

Concrete ceiling diaphragms take the form of a 75mm pre-stressed panel laid on top of the blockwork, this is then tied into the bond beam of the blocks with a 75mm concrete topping to lock both the panels together while also tying the panels into the top bond beams of the outside walls.

These ‘lids’ are then strap and lined underneath to facilitate the services and to fix selected ceiling linings. Roof structure above can be a pitched roof with minimal timber framework or mono-pitch ‘flat roof’ with external roofing membrane direct fixed.Porotherm Harakeke Drive Project - September 2020

Rigid high R-value panels are fixed over the top of the concrete roof structure and aligned to meet and close the thermal envelope with the thermally-rated Porotherm clay blocks. The end result is a thermally and acoustically high performance engineered construction system that guarantees maximum thermal and seismic performance. The engineering design and installation is simple.

This is a surprisingly economic option with added benefits of thermal mass and fire resistance – this will be a beautiful home for decades to come!


Porotherm Harakeke Drive Project - September 2020

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