e4 – Our Innovative Approach

By considering the economic and social trends that will influence society in the future and acting accordingly today, Stellaria NZ & Wienerberger are able to offer new and compelling building solutions, designed to enrich the built environment and create a proud construction legacy.
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The Biggest Challenges

Building a home is an exciting and truly rewarding experience, not just for you but for your entire family – sadly though, history has taught us that it can also be a stressful process fraught with hidden costs and complex processes.
We’ve identified 6 key pain-points present not only within the industry as a whole, but for those families looking to build:
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Leaky Homes

A +$50bn (and quickly counting) disaster – poor building materials and design/installation issues are mostly to blame.
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Toxic Homes

Many chemicals are used to treat timber to prevent rotting, causing out-gassing.
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Cold/Hot Homes

Even our most recently constructed homes are seriously inefficient. Expensive-to-heat ice-boxes in winter and hot-boxes in summer!
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Damp Homes

Minimal air flow, cheap building products and poor workmanship has exacerbated leaky homes issues.
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Expensive Homes

Competitive pricing shouldn’t mean you have to cut back on the quality of materials, but it quite often does.
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Inefficient Homes

Expensive to cool & heat. Poor utilisation of the sun as a free & natural resource. Passive solar is all about orientation & good design!

What is the Stellaria – Wienerberger Solution?

Our solution to the above is the e4 Blockhouse.
At their core – our homes are built to encompass 4 fundamental values: Emotion, Energy, Environment and Economy.
What does this mean for you? It means that when you build an e4 Blockhouse, you are getting a home that is made from long-proven building materials that come loaded with cutting-edge engineering and design to deliver a sustainable, amazingly energy efficient home – and more!

The 4 “E’s”

The aim of the e4 Blockhouse is to create a standard within the New Zealand housing market for durable, energy efficient, 100% natural and safe housing. The 4 E’s – Energy, Economy, Environment and Emotion define a set of principals that we believe should be fundamental when building a home.