e4 – not just for homes


Our most vulnerable include the elderly and children, needless to say, it’s vital for these groups to be in warm and dry environments, especially children at day care! We do after all spend most of our lives inside!

A day care centre in Heidenau, Germany took on the e4 challenge and produced a safe, warm and dry environment for the children of the area.

This building has a thick skin built of clay blocks with integrated insulation, it also meets passive building standards!

E for Economy – Enormous savings are achieved through thoughtful planning, the right choice of building materials, and highly effective ventilation technology. The insulated clay blocks used in this centre provide a healthy, airtight and simultaneously breathable building envelope.

Details include:

  • Thermal solar system
  • District heating connection
  • Controlled ventilation with heat recovery
  • Wall heating


Image and More Information: Wienerberger

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