Cost of Building with POROTHERM

Porotherm Harakeke Drive Project - March 2020

Very recently, the cost of timber trusses and frames jumped up by 12%. With concern around supply chains for many building products in this current climate – architects are looking to specify European products as an alternative to ensure supply and better quality of materials.

Clay Block Construction is fast becoming an attractive alternative to other construction systems in NZ – especially now as the rising cost to build is coupled with the high cost to run & maintain a timber frame home. This is really worth considering in today’s building environment.

The base starting rate for building with Porotherm can be anywhere between $2.5 to $3k m2 and upwards. As with any build, the level of design & finish will influence the final budget.

A significant factor beside cost is that if you can build your home using Porotherm Clay Block and keep your build costs comparable to timber frame construction while minimising the heating and cooling of your home plus increasing performance & durability – why wouldn’t you consider it?

On top of this your home will last well beyond 150 years – when compared to a 10-year master build guarantee.

Finally, the most important factor of all is the pure indoor air quality and good health these homes promote for many lifetimes…it can’t get much better really.

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