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Corium Bespoke Range.

Completely Customised, Offering Limitless Creativity.

Corium stands out from other facade systems on the market due to its distinctive composition. Crafted from manufactured tiles, this unique characteristic allows us to offer unparalleled customization in terms of colors, textures, and sizes, tailored specifically to complement your project. Whether your vision is bold and contemporary or embraces a more traditional aesthetic, Corium can bring it to life with the perfect brick tile cladding.

Embark on a journey of customisation with Corium, where we have streamlined the process into three simple steps to help you create the ideal brick tiles for your cladding design:

  1. Inspiration: Begin by exploring your design inspirations and preferences. Whether you seek a modern, classic, or eclectic look, our bespoke color options and textures are designed to align with your vision. Corium offers a vast array of possibilities, allowing you to envisage the perfect facade for your project.

  2. Consultation: Our experienced team is here to guide you through the customisation process. Share your ideas and preferences with us, and we will work closely with you to refine and perfect the details. With Corium, the consultation phase ensures that every aspect of your design is considered and integrated seamlessly into the final product.

  3. Creation: Once the vision is solidified, our manufacturing process kicks in to bring your customised brick tiles to life. Benefit from our advanced technology and craftsmanship as we transform your ideas into tangible, high-quality elements for your Corium cladding. The end result is a facade that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Corium sets a new standard in facade customisation, offering a harmonious blend of innovation and tailored design. Discover the simplicity of turning your vision into reality with Corium, where each step is crafted to ensure your facade is a true reflection of your unique style and project requirements.


Step 1: Size.

Crafting your own unique brick size with Corium allows you to break free from conventional constraints, giving you the power to shape a facade that is as distinctive as your imagination. With a wide range of size options and the expertise of our specialists, the possibilities are endless.

Size Options: Choose the perfect dimensions for your bespoke brick tiles, tailoring them to fit your design seamlessly. Our size options include:

  • Height (mm): 50, 65, 140, 215

  • Length (mm): 215 (other lengths available up to 327mm)

  • Thickness (mm): 32, 52, 80*

  • Tile Lip Thickness (mm): 13

Step 2: Texture.

Adding a distinctive texture to a colored surface can redefine the entire aesthetic of your facade.

  1. Sanded (Light and Heavy): Achieve a smooth and refined finish with our sanded textures. Whether you prefer a subtle touch (light sanding) or a more pronounced effect (heavy sanding), these options add sophistication to your facade.

  2. Broken and Rustic Edges: Embrace the charm of imperfections with broken and rustic edges. This texture imparts a sense of authenticity and character, creating a facade that tells a story.

  3. Glazed: Introduce a lustrous and polished surface to your brick tiles with our glazed texture. This option adds a reflective quality, creating a modern and dynamic aesthetic.

  4. Dragfaced: Explore the rugged beauty of dragfaced textures, where the natural characteristics of the brick are emphasized. This choice adds a raw and tactile quality to your facade.

And many more...

UK_MKT_PHO_REF_FAC_COR_Ashfield_residential_development_Sydney (1) (1).jpg

Step 3: Colour.

Unlock the full spectrum of possibilities with our engobe application, a liquid clay that transforms unfired clay brick tiles into a canvas for high-quality finishes and vibrant colors.


Engobe Magic: An engobe is more than a coating; it's a liquid medium that brings your desired color to life. Whether you envision a bold, modern palette or a more subdued, classic tone, our engobe application process ensures that your chosen color is realised with precision and vibrancy.

Endless Color Options: Whatever color you can imagine, we can create it using engobes. Our extensive range of pigments allows you to explore the entire color spectrum, offering limitless possibilities for your brick tile facade. From subtle neutrals to bold statement hues, the choice is yours.

Spraying Techniques for Unique Effects: But it doesn't stop at color. Our different spraying techniques introduce a world of creative possibilities, each offering unique effects and finishes. Whether you prefer a smooth and uniform appearance or a textured and dynamic surface, Corium provides the tools to bring your creative vision to life.


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