Wherever we go – we hear or read about something being ‘100% natural, how to reduce the carbon footprint, sustainability, saving the planet’ – from food to cosmetics and everything in between. It’s about the future, its about living well today, it’s about what to do right now…

For us – it’s all about Clean Building…

Wienerberger are world-class leaders in the manufacture of clay construction materials with sustainability foremost in mind. It was such a thrill to find their latest video on Youtube about biodiversity and planting trees…we love it! Mainly because it is one of our biggest passions to ‘give back’ to the environment for each one of our clients building using the Porotherm Clay Block system. This is how we are committed to off-setting the carbon footprint to ship Porotherm from Europe to NZ. Otherwise, Porotherm’s high performance, multi-generational lifespan and low energy is already doing it’s bit for the environment, sustainability and our health.

Recently, we delivered x5 Magnolia Strawberry Fields and x5 American Red Oaks, x5 Pin Oaks for completed Porotherm projects with many more deliveries to come…

Featured in this newsletter, Breamtail Farm exterior and interior cladding choice on Porotherm Clay Block, the special ILUZO Brick installation technique, our latest LinkedIn article on Porotherm as a ‘Real Alternative to Timber‘ and x5 Magnolia trees delivered to Jo & Jon Leigh, Karapiro Boathouse.

A bit of fun with a lot of purpose! Thank you to Jo & Jon, Karapiro and Kelly & John on Breamtail Farm, Mangawhai building with Porotherm Clay Blocks.

If you want to talk to us about building with Clay Block or Beautiful Brick – we would love to hear from you!

Our very best to you in building for the future…

The Stellaria Team

Breamtail Porotherm exterior cladding

Porotherm Project NZ

Breamtail Farm’s main Porotherm building will be clad in Japanese charred larch. Here is the garage testing it out… Untanalised and environmentally sustainable, this rainscreen system needs no maintenance and is installed onto Porotherm as any other cladding material.

The interior walls of Breamtail will be clad in this beautiful dark cork panelling with parts of the Porotherm plastered with breathable lime plaster. The effect will be stunning – it’s soft, providing additional thermal and acoustic value and of course, it also adds to the aesthetics!

The very popular ILUZO Brick

Kortemark Pagus Iluzo Grijs-Zwart Brick

Installing Terca Iluzo Brick is fantastic – have a look here to see this great technique and why ILUZO is proving to be a very popular brick in NZ. Featured here is Hamilton Iluzo project.
Amazing brick – amazing technique!


Porotherm Boathouse Trees Arrived!

Giving back to the environment and thanking our clients for building with Porotherm is such a pleasure for us all…

Magnolia Strawberry Fields…speaks for itself!

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