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The Waterstruck Special is an elegant facing brick from our Terca brand, so you are assured of top quality. But we give you more than that. This brick is longer than the average brick, so you can play with horizontal lines in your facade. The long, slender facing bricks also have a rough edge, which gives your facade just that little bit more character.

Unique production process

In the traditional production processes, we sand down clay to get the bricks out of their molds after firing. We do not do that with the Waterstruck method. The clay is pressed into a mold and rolled. After firing, we use a special technique with water to remove the bricks from their mold. The result is the typical weathered, slightly planed look of the Waterstruck Special facing bricks.

Free play for color nuances

All bricks in the Waterstruck Special collection are matte and unsanded. This gives all kinds of color shades free rein. Some facing bricks in this collection have also had an egobe applied. This is an extra, thin layer of clay-containing suspension that is applied around the stone and goes into the oven with it. It accentuates the beautiful color nuances of these bricks.

Versatile application

New construction or renovation, the Wasserstrich Special facing bricks are suitable for all applications. You can also process the bricks as you wish: traditional bricklaying, thin bricklaying or gluing. With the last two processing techniques you emphasize the linear character of your facade thanks to the long, sleek facing bricks.

Now also in Eco-brick format

The Waterstruck Special facing brick collection was expanded in an Eco-brick format. This narrow variant gives the collection two extra assets: a better ecological value and more living space. 

The bricks below have been introduced in Eco-brick format in the following white, gray and red tones...  

© Wienerberger

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