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More room for insulation with this colorful Eco-brick brick.

Due to its unique format, the Metropolis facing brick is perfect for sleek and lined facades. The brick is longer (24 centimetres) and less high (4 centimetres) than a classic facing brick. In addition, the depth of the brick is also a strong point of this high-quality Terca brick. With 6.5 centimeters instead of the average 9 centimeters, you have extra insulation or living space . The Metropolis facing brick series is therefore an important element in our Eco-brick range.

Cementation on the stone

You can choose from 8 coloUr shades, and within each colour there are still subtle color shifts, which makes your facade more dynamic. This is because we cement on the stone. This process also makes the stone smooth to slightly rough. The rounded corners give the facade an extra dimension.

View NZ projects utilising these bricks here 

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