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Powerful and robust facades thanks to this Terca brick with a layer of limestone.

The Imperium brick from Terca distinguishes itself from the rest by its powerful appearance. We use full, grey-brown bricks as the base brick. We finish this hand-moulded brick with a layer of limescale.

What is kaley or "kaleien"?

A lime layer is a thin layer of cement that is applied around the stone. This makes the surface smooth to slightly rough. Facades have been decorated in this way since Roman times, and it is a tradition that is still firmly maintained by many people.

Roman size for a powerful look

The size of the Imperium facing brick also plays an important role in the appearance of your facade. The brick is available in the ECO Iluzo format as well as in the Roman format. The latter is slightly thinner than a classic facing brick (±238x75x40 mm). Our Imperium series is thus the contemporary interpretation of the classic ideal of beauty.

© Wienerberger

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