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The different textures and intense colors of these Terca bricks make an imaginative architecture possible.

Ypres clay has a deep red color. Kempen clay, on the other hand, is characterized by its intensely fresh orange-red colour. And those two types of clay form the basis of the Colorline facing bricks.

Varied offer

You can choose one type of facing brick within the range of the Colorline collection. Or you can combine several within one facade into a dynamic and unique whole. In any case, you have many options in terms of the structure of the high-quality Terca facing bricks. This diversity provides surprising opportunities for imaginative architecture. For example, there is smooth, bark and whether or not finished with sand.

Within the Colorline collection we focus on medium and large bricks as standard. The size of the facing bricks not only determines the appearance of your facade, but also the price of your construction project or renovation. The larger the brick, the fewer bricks the mason has to lay. So: the faster and more efficient the processing of the facing bricks.

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