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The traditional baking of this brick in coal-fired ovens creates a pearl in the range of our Terca brand.

The Belgian was born with a brick in his stomach. And it once started with bricks such as the Artiza facing bricks. We carefully choose the high-quality clay types and we bake the brick in a traditional way in ovens that are fired with coal. A brick cannot get more authentic than this.

We shape the pure clay and before we put it in the baking molds, we process it with a layer of sand. This prevents clay from sticking to the baking tins. We then place the baking tins by hand in the coal-fired ovens. The result is a characterful brick with rich color nuances, even within one brick.

Some stones in the Artiza collection are also smothered afterwards. This means that they go into the oven for a second time. This creates nuances from white and yellow, over red and purple to carbon black.

The Artiza facing bricks are available in various sizes for new construction and renovation projects. And for restoration work you can request special formats. We also offer the colors Purple Blue, Maaseiker Bont and Veldbrand Exterior as a standard brick slip. The other variants are also available as a brick slip, but on request.

© Wienerberger

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