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The Archipolis facing bricks exert an irresistible attraction thanks to the balance between colour, texture and size.

These ceramic facing bricks give architects builders and designers the opportunity to push the boundaries of architecture once again. This is because in this collection we work with a range of colors - rich and warm, fresh and bright as well as calming and neutral, while the bricks format/dimensions ensures razor-sharp lines in your designed facade.

Seductive color palette

To be able to provide such a unique color palette of the Archipolis facing bricks, the bricks are sprinkled with atomized engobes. Engobes consist of a colored fine clay powder that is then baked at the same time as the bricks. 

Eco - Format

The new Archipolis colors are not only aesthetically thought out. The expansion of the range can of course also count on the known technical quality tests from Wienerberger. In addition, the facing bricks in the four new - Argos Grey, Byblos Grey, Tornis Beige and Tilis Beige are exclusively available in the narrow Eco Brick format. If you want to additionally insulate a home, they offer a win-win: both higher living comfort and extra interior space and a soothing and timeless appearance.

Wienerberger responds to the need to create architecture that reflects change and inspires.

© Wienerberger

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