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A sober hand-moulded brick that especially enhances the architectural shape of your building. 

An important advantage of the Agora facing brick is the ease of maintenance. The brick absorbs little water and dirt. So you hardly have anything to clean. 

Agora is available in range of colours, you have a wide choice between smooth and softly nuanced white and grey tones. These are the result of a baking process with pure clay. A few stones then paid a visit to the braising furnace.  

Also available in 4 sizes, you can use any masonry technique: traditional with a 12 mm joint or with a thin joint by thin masonry or gluing. And thanks to the narrower  Eco-brick format, you have up to 3.5 cm extra space for insulation or living space. The Agora facing bricks are also available as  brick slips.

© Wienerberger

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