Based in Lithuania, BOEN Flooring’s beautiful hardwood timber flooring products are sold in over 50 countries on four continents worldwide.
BOEN is one of the leading manufacturers of hardwood flooring globally using advanced manufacturing techniques to meet the increasing demands on today’s commercial and residential floors.
BOEN’s main product is engineered hardwood flooring with 13 different timber species and a choice of veneer thicknesses to cover every specification.
Today, BOEN delivers customised hardwood flooring for gluing to sub-floors or nailing as tongue and groove. BOEN also provides timber flooring for installation using the floating method and sprung floors for dance studios and gymnasium or sports floors.
The product range includes a large selection of 3-strip, plank and patterned hardwood flooring. Most of these products can be delivered finished with lacquered or oiled surfaces. BOEN can also offer tailor-made surfaces.
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Oak Oregon


Oak Honey Rustic


Beech Nature


Oak Mystic Jungle


Ash White Reggae


Cherry Americ. Nature




Oak Lava

BOEN Flooring in Brief

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Perfect Combinations

A perfect combination of function and design for all architectural styles.
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Natural Product

BOEN is a product of nature, 100% natural, no toxicity.
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Suitable for all application

BOEN flooring is suitable for floor, wall and ceiling. Interior and Exterior.
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3 and 2-Layer Flooring

BOEN flooring is suitable for Parquet flooring and Gymnasium Sports.
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Easy to Install

BOEN is installed using Rapid Locking Technology, faster and easier to install.
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Floor First Aid Available

For scratches or marks, special repair sets available.
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Easy & Simple to Clean

Care & maintenance installation manual and care products are available.
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BOEN holds an internationally recognised CE label*.
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BOEN flooring provides 25-year warranty**.

*European Declaration os Performance – the product meets high safety, health and environmental protection requirements. **T&C apply. Style handbook – What’s your Style

BOEN 2018-2019 CatalogueBOEN – 2018-2019 Product List

Stellaria-NZ---BOEN-flooring-Brochure---Be-Inspired-Find-the-floor-that-suits-your-style-CP400BOEN Brochure – Be Inspired 2018

BOEN - 2018 Product list Cover PageBOEN – 2018 Product List

Stellaria-NZ---BOEN-flooring-Brochure---BOEN-Live-Pure-Keep-it-Natural-CP400BOEN Brochure – Keep it Natural
Stellaria-NZ---BOEN-flooring-Brochure---Handcrafted-Floors-with-personality-CP400Handcrafted Floors with personality

Stellaria-NZ-Brochures--Boen-Flooring---Be-Inspired---Find-the-floor-that-suits-your-style-Style-Handbook---Cover-PageBOEN Brochure – Be Inspired

Stellaria-NZ-Brochures---BOEN-flooring---As-Individual-as-you---Chalet-and-Chalentino-oak-planks---Cover-PageBOEN Chalet & Chalentino Range

Stellaria-NZ-Brochures---Boen-Flooring---Solid-Plank---Floors-as-special-as-you-are---Cover-Page400BOEN Solid Oak Range

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