Beautiful Clay Bricks Add Texture and Precision to Home Interior

Gordonton Terca Project

The beautiful Terca St Ives Cream Rustica brings texture and sophistication to the interior of this Hamilton home. 

The team at Stellaria is passionate about Wienerberger’s Terca brick. With Terca, the buying experience, the exact, smooth delivery and the end result simply stand out from other options.

So, when clients Bronwyn and Bruce Turton, Builder and Interior Designer of Turton Oliver Interior Design, Hamilton, decided to use the Terca St Ives Cream Rustica brick, the Stellaria team were very excited.

They knew this would be a fabulous project and were not disappointed. Builder, Bruce Turton, managed the project and was determined that it would show impressive precision and attention to detail. 

When Stellaria visited the finished project, they enjoyed speaking to Bruce and Bronwyn about their very positive experience with Terca Bricks. The ordering and delivery process went without a hitch — arriving on time and without issue.

The beautiful Terca St Ives Cream Rustica is by far one of Stellaria’s favourite and most popular bricks. The project images speak for themselves — a beautifully executed exterior-interior composition featuring this unmistakable brick. The soft mud, hand-thrown, gentle, textured brick blends in perfectly with the colour, texture and tone of the interior of the home. The St Ives bricks have been cut and laid with perfection. On entering the home, visitors feel an undeniable sense of carefully thought-out composition, installation, texture and tone.

Bronwyn and Bruce are a testament to the professionalism of their team but also share how much they enjoyed working with Stellaria, resulting in a smooth decision, ordering and delivery experience.

As always, success is a team effort, but it always starts with a great client.

For more information about this project, head to the Gordonton project page here.

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