August Newsletter – Living Building Challenge

August Newsletter 2019 - DECLARE Living Building Showcase Tuhoe - Main Image

Hi Everyone,

The last month of winter 2019 continues to see more articles relating to leaking homes but more importantly the latest article interviewing David Boyle about his experience was that his house was not actually expected to last beyond 15 years – only as long as his dishwasher! This is the 2nd 15-year durability article written this month. You can read this here.

We felt honoured to be part of the Tuhoe Living Building Showcase last week. Our Porotherm Clay blocks have achieved Declare accreditation – being 100% natural this was not too difficult really but the most compelling discussions we had were about our expectations around durability and performance. Porotherm walls will perform at an optimal level without fail for at least 150 years. So what should we be expecting from our homes?

For us the Living Building expo was about sharing the desire to provide lasting, performing homes. The ingredients for health and well-being in building materials is critical to how we live but the deliverables of durability, high performance (at little or no cost) and knowing your family home will stand strong for many future generations in the same state is paramount to living well.
We wrote our own manifesto called ‘The Porotherm Promise just because we know we can keep our promise…

If you missed our EBOSS article on Thermal Resistance – you can catch this here.

We LOVE glazed bricks and think you will too when you see Wienerberger’s amazing range

We recently received photos from one of our clients using the Thorn Con Mosso brick looking fantastic – thank you Downey Homes for using our bricks!

Passive House Certified joinery is on the rise and rise. We are receiving a lot of enquiry around Internorm’s high-performance windows & doors – this is the ultimate in completing your building envelope. Once you get the walls right, the joinery is a no-brainer.

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From the Stellaria Team

DECLARE Living Building Showcase Tuhoe


August Newsletter 2019 - DECLARE Living Building Showcase Tuhoe

Thank you to Jerome Partington, DECLARE Living Building Institute for organising this fantastic event and also to Shawn Boyd of Genesis Building for helping us with our ‘little Porotherm wall’. It’s hard to believe that a Porotherm wall has everything it needs: insulation, seismic strength, moisture management and breathability for pure indoor air. No strapping & lining, no added polystyrene or cladding required – just clay & lime. One wall does it all…

August Newsletter 2019 - DECLARE Living Building Showcase Tuhoe


TERCA Glazed Brick – the power of the glossy surface

Terca Glazed Clay Bricks

We love the look of these glazed clay bricks. Wienerberger has the most amazing range of colours…you can be as inspired as we are right here.

Passive House Certified Joinery – INTERNORM

INTERNORM StudioWe are receiving a lot of enquiry about Internorm’s Passive House Certified windows & doors. In fact, Internorm has 9 different profiles certified to this performance level. Joinery doesn’t get too much better than this…

Thorn Con Mosso Brick – looking amazing

Gordonton Terca Project - Thorn Con Mosso Brick

To see more images of this beautiful project, click here.

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