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Hi Everyone,

As the NZ rainy season continues, moisture management – knowing our homes are completely dry is very much on our minds…
Being able to ventilate and freshen our homes is critical through these long, wet months.

POROTHERM clay block – by nature of the honey-comb matrix, is scientifically designed and proven to do just that. We love to share testimonials with our clients that even though the house is closed up it is always fresh. We also hear stories of how well people feel and sleep within the pure indoor air of their Porotherm walls.
Our blocks will even be used for a winery due to the ability of Porotherm blocks to retain an even air temperature without the need for heating or cooling. We love this feedback about Porotherm and how it performs so well in our wet NZ climate.

Breathable plasters are also critical for the walls to manage moisture and indoor air quality. We have a few images of some of our special colours made especially from Resene or Porters Paint range.

We have also had fantastic feedback about some of our bricks going up in Christchurch. Comments such as ‘they are so dry & fast, we don’t have to wait until the end of the day for them to dry…we can work faster…’

The roof is going on at the Karapiro house & cottage…we always love receiving the amazing aerial shots from Four Paddles.

Lastly, one of our favourite bricks is the special Wasserstrich with its contemporary horizontal stress and mortar-less look – we know you will love this one too!

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From the Stellaria Team

The roof is going on the Porotherm Cottage at Karapiro

Well done again to Roger at Flying Fern with his very clever drone…it’s looking amazing! For more information and photos about this project, click here.

Beerse Wasserstrich Special Grijs

Beerse Gesmoord Wasserstrich Special Grijs - light grey clay brick project image

Wassertrich is one of our all-time favourites. The beautiful elegant horizontal stress is perfect for complimenting the contemporary line of this building.

Check out our 20 most popular bricks and ask us how we can help you choose within your design, colour and budget. Click here

Kortemark Pagus Iluzo Grijs-Zwart MOEF

Kortemark Pagus Iluzo Grijs-Zwart MOEF brick - project image - Hamilton NZ

Another beautiful Wienerberger-Stellaria brick going up in the Waikato…we are very excited to see the photos and thank you to Burns Construction for doing an amazing job!

Peruwelz Imperium Rustical Bricks Flavius

Peruwelz Imperium Flavius

Feutz & Goldsmith in Christchurch are also doing an amazing job installing this beautiful brick…

Lime Plaster finish in Resene ‘Tea’

Resene 'Tea'

‘Art on the Walls’. Beautiful interior walls using lime or breathable plaster systems. The finish is smooth and fresh with depth and dimension of colour. Any colour can be used with this gorgeous finish – timeless and elegant.

Porters Paint colour ‘Grey Fox’

Porter's 'Grey Fox'

For more information about our Plaster, visit our website here.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need any information about our projects, products, to request samples or just have a chat – we would love to hear from you.

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