Argelite Cladding Featured on Coastal Beach House

Whangapoua ProjectArgeton is an innovative facade solution that brings timeless elegance to projects.

The durability of Argeton or Argelite is just as persuasive as its contemporary aesthetic — the ceramic facade panels are impervious to weather, impact-proof and shatterproof and require virtually no maintenance. Being durable and timeless, they are a dream for every architect, especially since the bespoke facades are available in every imaginable colour, shape and surface.

Clay is an environmentally friendly resource, creating building solutions with a minimal footprint. Argeton facing tiles create long-lasting robust facades. Thanks to the characteristics of clay, the Argeton Terracotta panel facades are maintenance-free, contemporary and timeless at the same time. The panels are fully recyclable which is confirmed through their ISO 14025 and EN 15804 certified status.

This stunning home is beautifully set on the beachfront of Whangapoua and is absolutely ‘stand-out’. The brief was to emulate the ‘waves’ of the beach.

Using Wienerberger’s Argelite facing tiles as a rainscreen cladding system in ‘Glacier Blue’, this is a perfect design solution for long-term coastal durability and design aesthetics.

Whangapoua ProjectThe project was designed by Chris MacPherson of MacPherson Architecture Ltd.

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