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Sustainable Aquata Pavers

What is a Sustainable Urban Drainage System?

SuDS stands for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems, encompassing a variety of water management techniques devised to effectively handle natural water processes in urban settings through modern drainage systems. SuDS play a crucial role in managing excess surface water in developed areas with limited green space and permeable ground. By addressing the challenges posed by interrupted natural water cycles, SuDS contribute to the preservation of our natural environment in urban landscapes.

1. When should I use SuDs?

In every new commercial or domestic development, careful consideration of excess surface water run-off is essential, mandated by legal requirements. Adequate drainage is not an option but a necessity. The water must either be reintroduced into the natural water cycle or efficiently disposed of without causing overflow in existing drainage systems. Compliance with these regulations is crucial for sustainable and responsible development practices.

2.Where should SuDs be used?

In rural settings, 95% of rainwater efficiently finds its way away from the surface, either reabsorbed into the ground, taken up by plants and trees, diverted to local waterways, or simply evaporating. However, this natural water cycle faces disruption in urban environments due to limited green space and permeable ground. In urban areas, 95% of rainfall transforms into excess surface water, leading to potential issues such as flooding, pollution, and erosion.

3. How does Permeable Paving work?

By prioritising rainwater management and integrating Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) technology early in the construction and landscape planning process, designers can enhance the long-term quality of life for urban residents and workers. Compliance with this approach is not just a legal requirement but a shared responsibility in landscape planning. To effectively manage heavy rainfall in urban areas, SuDS technology, including permeable paving solutions, should be incorporated. These solutions help control or harvest surface water runoff more efficiently.

  1. The first image showcases natural forestation, where 95% of water infiltration is absorbed, with only 5% resulting in surface runoff.

  2. The second image portrays a development without permeable paving solutions, leading to the potential for 95% surface runoff and only 5% water infiltration absorption, increasing the risk of flooding.

  3. The third image illustrates the installation of permeable paving solutions in a new development, replicating the natural rainwater filtration process and mitigating the impact of surface water runoff.

4. What is the solution?

Our Aquata clay pavers seamlessly integrate SuDS technology, addressing challenges posed by intense rainfall and insufficient water drainage in urban environments. These Dutch-style pavers provide a controlled drainage solution while embodying the performance and aesthetics of our standard clay pavers.

The design of our Aquata pavers features large vertical nibs, allowing water to flow freely through 6mm thick joints into the terrain below. An impressive capability allows 20,000 liters of water per second per hectare to drain through one hectare of Aquata pavers. This ensures water does not accumulate on the surface, mitigating the risk of flooding.

With a palette of natural shades and the flexibility of various laying patterns, colorfast Aquata clay pavers retain their vibrant tones even after exposure to extreme weather conditions. The combination of functionality, sustainability, and design versatility makes Aquata an ideal choice for urban landscapes facing the challenges of water management.

Aquata Paver Range.

The Aquata range stands as our sustainable answer to rainwater and surface runoff management. These precision-engineered Dutch-style pavers are designed to significantly enhance water re-absorption without compromising the versatile laying options, color fastness, and durability expected of standard clay pavers. Ideal for areas requiring urban planning considerations and the concept of sponge cities, the Aquata range offers a harmonious blend of environmental responsibility and functional design.

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