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Hi Everyone,
We love Wienerberger’s Terca facing bricks and Argeton tiles so we thought we would showcase a few of our favourites to show you just how special some of them are!
For a unique finish to your home, apartments or commercial project – Wienerberger is featured all around the world on some of the most iconic buildings and can now easily become part of your project.
Brickwork has a very interesting history. In the Middle Ages, it advanced to become the favourite material of municipalities; and with the advance of industrial production in the late of the 19th century, its fortunes reached a new peak. Only a few decades later, however, brickwork was to meet with competition from concrete, steel and glass, and today it is only one material among many.
Despite this, the small-scale texture and haptic qualities of exposed brickwork continue to exert a special attraction. Depending on its colouration and surface character and the way the bricks are bonded and jointed, there is still an enormous range of design possibilities using beautiful bricks.
Wienerberger’s Argeton Clay Facing Tiles are manufactured in Germany and feature on many commercial buildings throughout the world. Clay facing tiles continue to be the choice of many architects and specifiers for its durability, fire resistance and near zero maintenance. Here, we have a few special images to show you and hope you will enjoy reading this newsletter as much as we have in putting it together!
In the meantime our very best to you in great design using the world’s best building materials.
The Stellaria Team,


WIENERBERGER TERCA BRICKS as specified for the Ryelanden student housing, Utrecht, The Netherlands using TERCA ‘Pioenroos’, ‘Douro Porto’, ‘Dinkelrood’, ‘Rutiel’, ‘Tigris Flash’, ‘Dommelrood’
Five parents who preferred investing their money in real estate rather than putting their money in the bank were mainly seeking a return on their investment. The entire building shell, including the internal shell elements, was made of prefabricated concrete. At the same time, these ‘collective private clients’ had quality in mind: that’s why they chose a beautiful and customised brick façade for their project. Read More


WIENERBERGER TERCA BRICKS as specified for this Urban Infill project – Backyard Forest Mews using TERCA ‘Marziale’
Behind the obvious, on the corner of Waldram Park and Sunderland Road, appears a little village within the city, an idyllic residential complex of red brick and lots of green. “We searched for the right plot for us for two years” recall Robert and Jessica Barker. “And one day, we came across this old, run-down property behind the Victorian buildings, with a barn, a shack and a cramped, dilapidated house on it.” The architect couple’s strong vision succeeded in dispelling any initial doubts. They seized the opportunity, razed the old buildings and replaced them with three single-family dwellings strung up along the property line. Read More


WIENERBERGER TERCA BRICKS as specified for this modern design Hindmans Yard, United Kingdom using TERCA ‘Forum Smoked Prata’
Hindmans Yard, located in Southwark, London consists of four family houses on a back-land site surrounded by Victorian terraces. The project was honoured with an award for the best small housing development from the Brick Development Association in the UK. Read More
The brick façades are articulated with contemporary dog-tooth detailing – inspired by the traditional eaves details of neighbouring Victorian terraces. This detail defines proportion and gives variation within the façades whilst maintaining the simple material palette of the site. The detailing has been used as a motif that is continued through the project and incorporated into the patterned steel entrance porches. Movement joints are concealed in the internal corners to allow a complete and uninterrupted façade which is completed with a bespoke white sand mortar. 


ARGETON Clay Facing Tiles specified at Nirlon Knowledge Park, Mumbai
Nirlon Knowledge Park is a business hub for Banks, IT offices, BPOs and others. The park is spread over 10 acres of land with 12 storeys of multi-level car parking and 4 stories of two wheeler parking. This building has been constructed on green building concept. Read More


ARGETON – near maintenance free for any commercial building
WIENERBERGER Argeton façades are as good as it gets for near maintenance-free cladding on any commercial building. A perfect choice! Read More


Here are a few tips when specifying ARGETON tiles for your next project:
Pollution through dirt or dust is easily washed off. If there is any algae damage to the façade, the façade can be cleaned using standard ecological algae remover. Graffiti can usually be removed with biodegradable graffiti remover. These should neither have a subsequent protective layer function nor a nano effect. Any mechanical treatment of the façade tile is to be avoided in order not to damage the natural surface structure of the tile.


ARGETON has a fantastic range of colours, shapes & sizes


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