Hi Everyone,
We were so excited to receive photos from Sandra and Mike of Nurtured Landscapes as they have just recently finished their new home in Wanaka – we could hardly wait to share this one with you.
The design, the setting and the workmanship do absolute credit to the owners and craftsmen. See more here.
So, this month we feature two NZ projects using the luxurious Metropolis Range – one in black and one in red. We say luxurious because this brick takes on the appearance of Turkish Delight or Nougat – delicious enough to want to eat it. It’s hard to stop looking at the finish, every brick is rich in depth and dimension. Quite hard to describe really – you just have to see and touch it. Which is exactly what Rebecca O’Fee of O’Fee Interiors said when her bricks arrived without the time to see a sample first. ‘It was even better than we could have imagined…’ read more here.
From the Wienerberger manufacturing plant – Metropolis is an extruded or wirecut brick and is the most popular method of brick production. The clay is driven through an extrusion head to form a continuous column of material in the desired width and depth. The column is then cut into smaller, more manageable pieces approx 1.5m in length known as ‘slugs’. This is then cut into bricks… read more here.
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And thank you to all our clients’ understanding that we now need up to six months to deliver your order and sometimes a bit longer as we all navigate freighting challenges but despite this, your containers are arriving in good spirits…
The Stellaria Team
Bringing the brick inside is certainly a growing trend – especially as the brick is so beautiful you just want to live with it from the inside out… the gift goes on!
This is a brilliant photo – thank you Sandra. You have ingeniously captured the blend of textures and form connected by the light. We love this!
And another big thank you to Interior Designer Rebecca O’Fee who just went with her gut feeling and it paid off… originality is all about intuition and trusting your instincts.
The colours, the depth, the texture, the finish, the format – it all makes for a unique, original project.
Whether the foliage for the Crepe Myrtle is green or red – the white flower is electric and luminous. This is our next planting project for one of our Cambridge Porotherm projects – once they are planted we will love to show you this one…
Adriana’s pet rabbit is very happily hopping amongst our bricks – he’s adorable! We hope you have a wonderful and safe Easter break!

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