April 2020 Newsletter – Project updates & Covid-19

Hi Everyone,

It’s been great staying in touch with everyone during lockdown – hearing stories about relaxing with the family and enjoying time out. There’s always a positive side!

I thought we would re-cap on where we left off…

We had a beautiful weekend at Whagapoua Beach and absolutely LOVED the end result of this gorgeous beach house designed by Chris MacPherson with ‘waves’ in mind, part of the client brief – using ARGETON clay facing tiles in ‘Glacier Blue’.

We missed sending a March newsletter with the EBOSS case study on our Terca bricks at the Westfield Shopping Centre using the brick Rustica Oude Beauvoorde as well as this month’s case study, where Bruce & Bronwyn Turton of Turton Oliver used one of our favourite’s St Ives Cream Rustica.

Last month we published an article on LinkedIn on the cost to build in POROTHERM against the rising cost of timber, a bit of inspiration from beautiful BOEN timber flooring and our new Beautiful Brick Guide just published and as always – our very best wishes to you all.

The Stellaria Team


Beachfront home with ARGETON clay facing tiles. Waves for the beachfront…

Whangapoua Project

This beautiful home is designed by Chris MacPherson overlooking Whangapoua Beach. The Glacier Blue Argeton tiles are a perfect choice for the situation and climate. A stunning home with absolute presence… For more information about this project, visit our website.

Whangapoua Project

POROTHERM latest in Taupo

Harakeke Drive Porotherm Project - newsletter

The blockwork is fantastic as the walls were completed to the first pour just before lockdown. The speed and efficiency of the system is testament to the builder & owners on this immaculate building site. You can follow this exciting build at Cassandra Swan Interiors

Porotherm Harakeke Drive Project - March 2020

Lintel blocks installed and propped ready for the first pour…this is an exciting milestone! For more photos of this visit our website at Harakeke Drive project,Taupo

BOEN Timber floors – for aesthetics and for your health

BOEN Oak Ebony Timber flooring - project image - April 2020 newsletter

Beautiful BOEN Oak ‘Ebony’ featured here in both images. Dark timber flooring gives a room weight and dimension. Floors are more recessive making a room appear ‘deeper & longer’ with greater volume. A bit more maintenance but worth every effort!

BOEN Oak Ebony Timber flooring - project image close photo - April 2020 newsletter

BOEN timber flooring is amongst the best in the world. For living well and maintaining your good health – timber is always beautiful. Featured Oak Ebony Live Pure. You can check our BOEN Flooring Range page here.

For more information about our bricks, visit our website here or get in touch with us if you need any information about our projects, products, to request samples or just have a chat – we would love to hear from you!

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