Hi Everyone,

We are very happy to say that while a few of our shipments have been affected by current freighting delays, which has been very frustrating for our clients – mostly product availability and delivery by Wienerberger and Internorm remains 100% reliable. Booking vessels is a bit of a challenge at the moment but thanks to our freighting team – we are managing to stay on top in this market…

We are also very happy to let you know that we have a spiked interest in the Porotherm Clay Block construction system as timber alternatives become a real must.
Again – recent headline news states ‘Half NZ homes are Damp and Mouldy’. Every year we read this and every year we simply carry on trying to make residential timber construction work as best we can. With the rising costs and real shortages, Clay Block Construction just might be worth a better look… Perhaps lasting change is on the horizon as we become forced to look at what true durability and sustainability/performance really is all about.

Europe has been showing us the way for a while now with high durability and high-performance building systems – isn’t it time to start catching up?

In this newsletter, we have a few photos of our ‘roadie’ last month when we visited a Porotherm build in Warkworth and called in on Breamtail Farm.

We are also excited to bring you another successful landing of beautiful bricks safely delivered by Redman Hiabs in Cambridge – another space to watch. Thank you to Aaron, Paul and team!

If you want to talk to us about building with Clay Block or beautiful brick – we would love to hear from you!

Our very best to you in building for the future…

The Stellaria Team

Breamtail, Mangawhai. Our roadie update

Mangawhai Breamtail Porotherm ProjectWe just LOVE this photo. Soon after we visited, John and Kelly finished the waterproofing at Breamtail Farm. A well-deserved rest at dusk John. We are in total admiration of you both!

Roof Tiles on the Cambridge Porotherm Showhome…

Cambridge Porotherm ShowhomeDamon and his team now have the Koramic Actua roof tiles installed and Internorm triple glazed joinery about to go in… Next up… The beautiful Terca Agora Agate Grey (Agaatgrijs) brick to go on with the plaster. Very exciting!

Gorgeous Design – Gorgeous Setting in Warkworth

Warkworth Porotherm ProjectDesigned by Architect, Graham Sewell and under construction with Mike Bigwood Builders… This fantastic design takes up the panoramic views pavillion-style over the family vineyard. It was great to meet you Mike – thank you for your excellent work and enthusiasm for building with Porotherm Clay Block.

The Brick has Landed

The best brick for a prominent Cambridge project now landed. Thank you to our freighting teams and of course to our clients for choosing Stellaria brick. The beautiful Beerse Amberley Multi Red will be going up soon. Watch this corner!

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