Advantages of Porotherm and CLIMAmur Clay Block

The beauty of POROTHERM and CLIMAmur is that it is a permeable, breathable and permanent clay block construction system – it doesn’t need any pre-cladding to perform at the highest level of moisture management and protection.
Being a fully self-sustaining construction system designed to perform every function required in a wall, Porotherm will out-perform and out-last any other pre-cladding system on the market simply by way of its design, functionality and materials.
It exceeds the NZBC high-performance buildings by the block structure and the wrap being one and the same with the block’s durability guaranteed for a minimum of 150 years, exceeding all requirements for timber frame construction.
The matrix of Porotherm being engineer designed to manage moisture, heat/cool and remain stable for many generations means there is no possibility of deterioration or necessity to be replaced due to rotting caused by moisture. If the cladding or finish of the building fails – there is no concern about the pre-cladding as the wall is already stable and inert.
Porotherm Clay Block construction is dubbed ‘One wall does it all’ for this very reason. Building with Porotherm means there is never any concern about what is going on behind your walls because it is your wall.
For more information about Porotherm click here.
For more information about CLIMAmur click here.

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