Stellaria NZ
Our path to sustainability in New Zealand
We believe that every New Zealander deserves a healthy, warm, dry, and beautiful home; and we are crazy passionate about seeing our clients getting just that.
Seeing the current state of the majority of houses in New Zealand, we knew we had to be the change, and it is now here.
No longer did we want to come back to a cold home in the evenings, air out the house constantly, or sit in stagnant heat during the summer.
We had to find a solution.
Our journey has brought us far away from New Zealand, all the way to Europe, where homes and buildings are warm, strong, of the utmost quality and are absolutely exquisite. 
Having watched the evolution in building and design in New Zealand over the past 25 years, we knew that Porotherm was perfect.
See for yourself.
If you want to live exceptionally well in a healthier, 100% natural, permanent home that will last many generations, then Porotherm is for you.
We hope you join the revolution,

Our Mission

“To provide the highest quality, best homes for New Zealanders.”

Our Team

A Passionate Team behind the curtain


Chris MacPherson



Robyn MacPherson


Federico Carranza

Architectural Technician

Jeremy Cauilan

Architectural Technician


Christina Balsom


Irene Nunes Albuquerque


Adriana Oliveira


Jonty MacPherson



Katie Hine

Homestar Practitioner

Our Partners