Wienerberger’s innovative products and system solutions for the Clay Construction industry meet the wide variety of challenges presented by modern, sustainable buildings. 

As a recyclable product made of clay and based on its long service life of up to 150 years, the brick – whether in the form of clay blocks, roof tiles or facing bricks – meets today’s demands for ecological, economic and social sustainability unmatched by any other building product. In the area of energy efficiency and climate protection, Wienerberger’s high thermal insulating clay blocks help building users to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Complete housing concepts also optimise energy efficiency over the entire product life cycle. One of the range the thermal insulating clay blocks filled with mineral wool or perlite, already meets all EU requirements for 2020.

The high accumulation capacity of clay block walls i.e thermal mass - keeps rooms cool in the summer and pleasantly warm in the winter. The bricks attain excellent values for interior air quality and a healthy room climate, to create lasting value in the form of high-quality, healthy homes. Wienerberger products provide high protection against fire and earthquakes. Seismically, POROTHERM is design-engineered to be twice as a strong than conventional building structures.  In order to combine maximum quality and affordability, efforts are continuously made to improve the economy of the clay block walling systems, to reduce laying time and simplify construction with product innovation and research and development. 

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We strive to maximise sustainability without compromising the performance of our products – it’s central to our output worldwide. The Wienerberger contribution...