There is inspiration around every corner! While Wienerberger may be reletively new to the New Zealand market, they have been a huge part of European arcitecture for many years. Check out some of their case studies!  


Bricks and Facades 

ETna Brick - Belgium

The façade is finished with Terca Etna facing bricks laid in a relief pattern that adds powerful expressiveness.

The intention was that the flat areas would coat with a green patina in the course of time. 

Clay roof tiles - Holland

This building is a very spectacular one thanks to the thousands of ceramic roof tiles. 

“It‘s a very tactile building. From a distance it looks very different. The façade gets a third dimension thanks to the gradual build-up”

Loxley Red Brick - Uk

A noticeable feature of the property’s exterior is its creative use of Wienerberger’s Loxley Red Multi bricks, which envelop the insulated concrete formwork system employed as the mainstay of the wall’s load bearing capacity and thermal efficiency.

Porotherm Projects

Romania - e4 Brickhouse

Clay blocks as foundation for an up to date family house

"The block walls ensure balanced indoor climate and protection against sudden temperature changes. Besides that, this e4 brickhouse reflects the owner’s openness to use innovative solutions when building their house: from the water heat pump to the solar collectors from the roof. The house has a “central brain” incorporating latest automatic technologies that allow owners to control all the parameters important for their comfort and optimum management of the maintenance costs."

Germany - E4

A self sufficient house!

"The special characteristic of this research project: both single-family homes are in fact energy self-sufficient and do not require a connection to the public power grid – fully in accordance with the e4 brick house concept by Wienerberger. The entire electricity and heating demand is covered by the sun." 

UK - e4 Brickhouse

The aim of the e4 brick house is to create an archetype for the future of UK housing.

"Developed alongside global engineering and design consultancy, ARUP - the organisation behind such world-renowned buildings as Sydney Opera House - it is a home designed to meet the needs of modern living: a fully realised, adaptable and award-winning housing solution. A sound long-term investment with low maintenance requirements."

Endless Inpiration at Architectum

Architectum Magazine now has an incredible online presence with their new website.

Youll find all the Wienerberger inspiration youll ever need with projects from around the globe.