EBOSS is an online library of product catalogues from 226 of New Zealand's leading architectural product suppliers. Products in the EBOSS library contain scope of use, limitations and building code compliance information, case studies, plus product literature like drawings, CAD and BIM, warranties, appraisals and more.

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Building Consent Made Easy with Porotherm Clay Blocks

By introducing the Porotherm system to South Waikato District Council prior to applying for consent, Stellaria was able to resolve any doubts first, ensuring a smooth consent process

Meeting B1 Structure with Porotherm Clay Blocks

The structural integrity of Porotherm confined masonry walls meets clause B1 of the NZBC and has been further demonstrated through European standards for earthquake resistance.

Earthquake-Resistant Construction with Porotherm Clay Block

In order to meet higher seismic requirements, a new block was developed by Wienerberger to be used in very high seismic zones in Europe.

Environmental Labels Highlight Porotherm's Commitment to Sustainability

Porotherm Clay Block boasts a string of internationally recognised environmental labels.

Porotherm Clay Blocks Regulate Moisture for Heathy Homes

Porotherm Clay Construction Blocks act as rigid air barrier and a protective 'wrap' to manage moisture while maintaining a temperate, healthy living environment.

Porotherm Clay Blocks Support the e4 Passive Housing Concept

Stellaria's eco-friendly Porotherm clay blocks are compatible with the e4 house concept which has health, well-being and quality of life at the forefront of design.

Warm, Healthy and Affordable Homes with Porotherm Clay

Energy efficiency comes with excellent thermal insulation and a smart choice of building materials. One of the key concepts of Stellaria NZ is energy efficiency. 

Moisture Management by Hydrometric Regulation

Porotherm has the lowest natural moisture equilibrium of all building material and is vapour permeable. It naturally regulates internal humidity levels.

Apply Cork Plaster to Porotherm Clay Blocks for Exeptional Thermal Performance

An R value of 4.5 can be achieved by using Ecoprofili Insulated Cork Plaster over Porotherm clay block.

Efficiency of Block Laying: Porotherm Clay vs. Concrete

With fewer blocks per square metre and less mortar required, Porotherm clay blocks prove to be a fast and economic construction option.

The Benefits of Thermal Mass for Passive Cooling in Summer
The impact of climate change means many warmer regions are looking to buildings with thermal mass to not only retain warmth in winter, but also to cool in the summer months.

Labels and Certifications for Clay Block Construction
Clay construction technology has attained an impressively high level of accreditation throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Engineering for Clay Block Construction

Engineering for Porotherm clay construction is a simpler form of residential masonry construction — easily mastered by engineers, architects and designers.

European-Manufactured Clay-Block Technology

Why New Zealand needs to consider the 'Fabric First' approach in architecture and join the European trend of using green materials, including precision-engineered solid clay construction blocks.