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What is an e4 Blockhouse?

We are committed to bringing New Zealanders a fresh, new approach to building. Following current European trends, POROTHERM Clay Construction blocks bring a whole new philosophy to how you can choose to live.

The Stellaria e4 BLOCKHOUSE™ concept has been adapted for the New Zealand climate and market after the success of Wienerberger’s e4 BRICKHOUSE, which is taking Europe by storm! We believe this is the future for NZ housing - to address the critical need for affordable, sustainable, durable and 100% natural BIO-housing. Porotherm is the perfect all-in-one building material. 

The e4 is based on R25Th+ POROTHERM Clay Blocks, triple-glazed INTERNORM Passivhaus-Fenster certified joinery, quality lime plasters & simple passive solar design principles of correct site orientation to maximise the sun. Thermal mass is the game-changer with Porotherm closed in using Internorm's Passivehaus certified joinery - this home easily meets Passive Solar Criteria of 15kWh/m2 per year or less!  

The Porotherm R25Th+ block alone has an R value of 1.7. Once breathable lime plaster is applied to complete the home you can create an R value of up to and above 3.  Triple-glazed Internorm joinery manufactured in Austria has an R-value of between 1.2-1.6. Thermal mass is key to the energy efficiency of Porotherm, alongwith foundation slab and ceiling eco-insulation. Orientation and specific window design allows you to ventilate and cool the building at night in summer.

Rapid water vapour transport, excellent thermal accumulation & acoustics, fire resistance & minimal risk of biological degradation makes this the perfect building solution - breathable, durable & pure - POROTHERM has got it all!

Optional solar water heating plus solar or vertical wind turbines to get you completely off the grid and/or infra-red panels for extra heating. Water harvesting & grey water management forms part of the Homestar incentives to make this home a complete ecological gem! 

Now you can afford a dry, warm, cool, solid, safe, natural, healthy & durable masonry home made from 100% natural clay blocks & lime plasters or clay brick cladding. A sustainable, innovative home while at the same time being practical, modern & totally livable! A forever home for many generations. No out-gassing from formaldehyde or other chemicals, no rotting or deterioration, no toxic moulds - ever!  

One of the most unique & significant features of this house is being future-proofed to almost double its size within the original superstructure. When your family grows & you want to extend you can simply go upstairs. Allowance is made in all our floorplans for future stairs or a lift. In the meantime, you have pull-down stairs for storage up into the loft. When you need the extra space you simply need to line, fit-out, add dormers and you have a fantastic extension without major disruption or expense. This is also a great selling point adding capital value to your home. All our e4 homes will have an upper floorplan and proposed cost structure for future budgeting. The house is pre-wired and pre-plumbed at the first stage of your build. You can plan for future solar, sound, security and home automation...the choice is yours!

We are introducing this 106 - 208 m2 future-proofed, healthy home all Kiwis can enjoy and truly trust. The e4 Blockhouse can be your 'forever' home. You can live in a home built with precision-engineered, proven state-of-the-art technology, borrowed from the past & modernised for sustainable living today. Simple and true, just clay ceramic blocks & natural lime plasters or cladding of your choice. Your home can be future-proofed to grow with your family and pass on to your children & their children. 

The e4 BLOCKHOUSE concept is named according to its four founding principles:


A home that is not only financially affordable and accessible but also ensures optimum build performance to meet market demand. This is through affordable purchasing and building with reasonable construction costs due to a quick build resulting in an easily maintainable home. 


The basic e4 Blockhouse will far surpass minimum current energy standards and will continue to offer a sustainable environment for its life cycle of 150 years plus. Minimal heating and cooling costs. You will save between $5-10K a year on heating/cooling and maintenance by using simple Passive Solar Design principles when you build using this construction system. 


A home which has as little environmental impact as possible, responsibly sourced materials, sustainable construction with little end waste, and can meet the standard of a level 10 Homestar home. Porotherm uses 95% less water and creates 45% less waste in construction. Sustainability is at the heart of all Wienerberger's operations. Stellaria's commitment to the environmental impact in freighting the blocks from France to NZ is to plant 5 trees for every Porotherm house built - your choice or ours!


The place you will LOVE to come home to, a house that not only provides flexibility and practicality, but will also allow for a much higher quality of living. Future proofed for your families' next generation. A home that represents solidarity, security and longevity in the knowledge that the health of your family will not be compromised. A Porotherm house is breathable and pure. A bit like the function of your skin - this home will protect and support you in every way.

Truly sustainable...

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CHECK OUT ONE OF OUR MANY FLOOR PLAN per model above with carport added and extended loggia - you choose your floor plan!

We have many different floorplans, this is just one of many! A simple shape - 106 m2 groundfloor (not including the garage) can include 3 bedrooms with one bathroom, two bedrooms, one bath. Total floor area to include upstairs becomes 208 m2. We have a team of designers to help you choose your configuration. 

This e4 BLOCKHOUSE™ becomes a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2 living area home with loggia. Garage not included. The upper floorplan is included in your concept whether you build it now or later!

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