Koramic Clay Roof Tiles Suitable for a Range of Pitches

Koramic's low-pitch Actua Clay roof tile offers the lowest pitch of any clay roof tile in Europe and provides a practical and attractive alternative to slate.

The large format Koramic tile requires only 10.5 pieces per square metre and features a variable gauge. It is also quick and easy to fix, requiring minimal labour. The curving edge has ensured a high quality finish. Plus, the colour and shape of the tile makes it look very similar to slate. This is Wienerberger's most popular roof tile and is available in seven different colours.

According to a study by TU Wien, Vienna University of Technology, a house with a pitched roof is 12.5% more compact than a house with a flat roof providing same living space. This makes the building more effective thermally, as it reduces the surface of the walls in contact with the outside world. Pitched roofs are especially common in areas with wet and changing weather conditions, whereas flat roofs are more popular in dry, hot areas.

For a roof pitch between 10° and 15°, Wienerberger offers technically advanced roof tiles, ceramic fittings and accessories such as underlays, storm fixation systems, snow retention systems, insulation etc. These system solutions provide absolute resistance against severe weather conditions. It could be argued that a house with a 2.75m stud and flat roof is better than the same house with a pitched roof as the pitched roof has more surface area exposed to the elements. The development of roof tile models with flat visible surfaces and a straight, clear shape opens up new architectural design options and gives the buildings a new appearance. The use of these tiles on the façade also results in new interesting possibilities, with the application of tiles on both the façade and the roof being called 'mono-cover'.

At Wienerberger, a computer-controlled production process and continuous quality control ensure that only top quality products are supplied with a 30 year guarantee worldwide. Clay roof tiles achieve hail resistance class HW4 (Ø 40mm). Wienerberger continuously works on the optimisation of roof tiles by using Finite Element Method (FEM) with the aim to:

  • Reduce material consumption while keeping or even increasing the mechanical resistance and durability of the tile
  • Reduce primary energy consumption in the production process
  • Optimise performance of tiles on the roof
  • Add new features like variable gauge, storm fixation
  • Koramic's Vauban is an interlocking flat clay tile that gives a contemporary look. Its thin leading edge gives an attractive finish at lower roof pitches. It is designed to last a lifetime and has a 120-year pedigree as it is made by Koramic, one of Europe's leading brands of clay tiles.