June Newsletter - e4 to reach Passive Solar House Standard!

Hi Everyone,

We are excited to let you know our first e4 Blockhouse NZ is about to get underway!

This home will meet Passive Solar House criteria of 15 kW/a by using the POROTHERM Clay Block R25Th+. We have been working very closely with Thermal & Sound Engineer, Lubos Krajci, of Soundtherm Solutions, Building Physics, Acoustics and Energy Performance, New Plymouth. Lubos is a highly qualified European Engineer who has provided us with a full computational analysis to show the performance potential of this small future-proofed home.  

The Stellaria e4 Blockhouse concept has been adapted for the New Zealand market after the success of Wienerberger’s e4 BRICKHOUSE. By following global trends, the future of NZ housing can be durable, sustainable & affordable  through collaborative design and cradle to cradle building materials.  Based on the 4 e's: 

  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Economics
  • Emotion


e4 future-proofing is not only about the longevity of materials, it is also about built-in floor area being readily available upstairs within the existing superstructure. The house is designed to be finished in two stages:
First stage is 106m2 on the ground with future stairs up.


Second stage is going up into the superstructure adding a further 86m2 at minimal cost - adding only dormers, interior walls and fit-out when the family grows or it is affordable.
To view ground & upper floor plans click here...


An additional distinctive element, used for the first time in Romania for a family house, is the thermodynamic solar wall – Trombe wall. It contributes to the natural ventilation of the house by enhancing heating/cooling of the interior with zero power consumption. Read more...

This is possible due to ombination of greenhouse effect and the thermal inertia of clay blocks.  In winter, the thermodynamic solar wall absorbs heat during sunlight hours and then slowly releases it overnight, supporting lower energy consumption in this way.

Cross-section to show energy optimisation, wall heating, energy storage systems & ventilation. 


By following the 2020 Building Directive of the European Union, Belgium's pilot project is about creating The Sustainable Neighbourhood. Wienerberger Belgium aimed to demonstrate two claims: A sustainable living project meeting BREEAM Excellent sustainability realised at optimal cost, taking into account not only the initial investment but also the long-term maintenance costs and savings compared to a standard newly built house.

POROTHERM is the perfect all-in-one building material for thermal, acoustic, durability and moisture management.
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Taking roots in green-conscious residential construction. “Le Candide” is a multi-storey social housing project providing 29 flats. What may, at first sight, appear to be quite ordinary, s in fact an alternative to living and dwelling in the city.


The Wienerberger e4 brick house is enabling developers, housing providers and local authorities to create sustainable, efficient and future-proofed properties. Read more...

Wienerberger have developed the e4 concept throughout Europe with huge success. The e4 sustainable compound is the Culmination in Ecological and Economical living...

We are looking forward to the success of the e4 BLOCKHOUSE NZ,bringing you updates on the build and building performance. 
From the Stellaria NZ Team