Porotherm Clay Blocks Regulate Moisture for Healthy Homes

Porotherm Clay Construction Blocks act as a rigid air barrier and a protective 'wrap' to manage moisture while maintaining a temperate, healthy living environment.

By definition, RAB or building wraps are elements used in the construction of an exterior frame wall and serve to minimise excessive air moisture through the wall. They are also useful for structural and improved acoustic performance. Timber frame construction generally requires some sort of building wrap or RAB in order to prevent the ingress of moisture and eventual deterioration of the building.

RAB or building wrap is not required in the Porotherm construction walling system, but these key elements are in fact an integral function of the blocks themselves. Porotherm blocks are thermally and acoustically designed to provide a very simple and well proven answer to the problems faced by complex timber frame construction in attempting to meet minimum code performance standards.

The anatomy of a Porotherm wall finds its best analogy with the human body's largest organ, the skin. Biologically, skin is the first line of defence — defending bodies against a plethora of harmful elements every day. It acts as a protective barrier to preserve internal fluids and organs, and as a passageway to rid bodies of chemical waste and build-up. The skin is a barometer for overall health and provides people with early signs of disease.

By understanding the role skin plays in health overall, people learn to take better care of their skin. In the same way, when the role unhealthy and chemical-laden walls play in everyday life is fully understood, people learn to build better houses. As people lather on chemical laden lotion or soak in a toxic hot tub, the skin absorbs a large percentage of what is put on it. Homes are no different. A healthy wall is as vital to survival, both emotionally and physically, as healthy skin.

Porotherm acts as a natural heating and air conditioning system without the need for RAB or building wraps. Air moisture is managed by way of hygrometric regulation — a Porotherm wall breathes. Skin also breathes as it regulates temperature by preventing overheating and freezing to maintain a consistent inner body temperature regardless of the outside temperature. Healthy skin is the key to making sure this process functions smoothly and efficiently. Porotherm acts in the same way; healthy, breathing walls will ensure the physical health and emotional wellbeing of those living within. It is an ideal building material. Developed and manufactured by Wienerberger, Europe, recognised as one of the world's largest sustainable and responsible companies, to develop and manufacture this multi-functioning Clay Block walling system.

One simple block is so technologically advanced that it performs the most highly intricate function of the human skin through the combined synergy of being a rigid air barrier against air movement and a protective 'wrap' to manage moisture movement while maintaining a temperate, healthy living environment.