e4 the future of UK housing?

The 'fabric first' approach, is at the forefront of the UK's e4 Brick House design. "Putting the emphasis on the building fabric means the long-term performance of the building is embedded in its structure – meaning less maintenance required and less opportunity for owners/occupiers to have a negative impact on the performance". This house is located in Bre Innovation Park, Watford. 

This little house sure packs a sustainable punch! All the while being affordable, encompassing the 4 E's.


A home which is not only financially affordable and accessible but that gives optimum build performance and meets market demand.

Affordable purchasing and operation – life cycle cost has been given consideration, fabric first approach minimises operational energy use which makes home more affordable to run.

Reasonable construction costs and programme – quick build.

Easily maintainable – products and solutions which have longevity and require minimal maintenance. 


The e4 Brick house meets current energy standards and will continue to offer a sustainable environment for its life cycle of 150 years plus. 

Low energy use in operation – heating and cooling. this house has an aim of 46kWh/m2 a year for heating and cooling.

Low carbon throughout lifecycle of 150 years.


A home that minimises its environmental impact, is responsibly sourced and meets level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes as a standard. This means that it envelops all areas of sustainability. 


A home that people will want to live in, a house that not only provides flexibility and practicality, but will also allow for a higher quality of living.

That is what the e4 house is all about!

Check out Wienerberger UK for more info!

Photo: Wienerberger

Photo: Wienerberger